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Trisil really hates that day…but he still wanted to do the commentary on it with me…

Said that some bricks needed to be dropped or something.

His rants kinda dominated the commentary so I apologize, but they did cover what the Ouendan did.

Oh well except for Sayaka’s sight hindering hers and Hajime’s progress but that’s solved now.

Anyways, until something major happens to the Ouendan, I’ll go kick back and hope for some questions. See ya next time!

Covering Day 3 of that Survival Training of the Ouendan!

You know regardless of all the tech taken, it doesn’t make sense on how it’s shown on Formspring.

…truthfully this day was dull…but for the reason of we couldn’t catch any info of what had happened.

At least there’s that next part! See ya next time!

And remember, any questions? Ask them! I’ll do my best to answer them!

Day 2 of the Training Survival thing! (that occurred in the week of 10/18-10/22)

Honestly it was kinda disappointing…thank goodness for Kai’s mind.

Sayaka needs glasses? Well that’s not quite a well known fact, but kinda interestin’.

…we couldn’t resist pointing out that trope averted. :P Apologies for that. At least we didn’t say who suffered it.

See ya next time! Another day may be covered, or even a question!

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